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Apprentice FAQ's

When do your roles open? 
Can I apply to more than one role?
What locations are available to me at Atkins? 
What are the benefits of the apprenticeship programme?
How long will it take to complete my apprenticeship?
What is the closing date for the roles?
What should I wear to the assessment centre? 
I have a disability, are you able to provide adjustments and / or support?
What types of adjustments are available for someone who has a disability or health condition?
Who can I contact about my application and disability?
Should I tell you about my disability?
What will make my application form stand out?
What is the salary offered for an apprenticeship?
Do I have to enrol with the college myself?
When will I hear an update following my offer?
Can I only apply for one role?
Can I progress to higher apprenticeship levels?
Do you support degrees / MSc level apprenticeships?
What would be the typical start date?
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