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We recognise that inspiring the next generation of engineers to build a sustainable future will be critical, both to our success and to that of society. Did you know that…. 

• We have over 500 STEM Ambassadors
• Our Atkins STEM Ambassadors have attended over 300 events in the last year
• Our Atkins staff have used almost 1,000 volunteering leave days over the last 12 months

Watch this short video explaining how Atkins is helping to inspire the next generation of engineers through STEM networks in schools.

Atkins - Inspiring the next generation of engineers:


Big Bang Fair 2016: Making an impact at the Big Bang Fair 


Rail Week 2016: Rail Week 2016 


Bring your Daughter to Work Day

We recently welcomed a few new faces to our offices in the UK, although they were a little younger than the average Atkins employee. On 13 April, more than 90 young girls took part in Bring Your Daughter to Work Day - an event coordinated by our STEM volunteers to coincide with a national campaign run by WISE, which aims to show girls that STEM subjects and the jobs associated with them are not just for boys.

The students who were aged between 6 and 12 years old, joined their mums, dads, aunties, uncles and family friends on their daily commute and spent the day learning about what an engineer is and all the different roles associated with engineering.

They took part in a whole range of fun activities like building earthquake proof spaghetti towers, racing balloon cars, designing sports for disabled people and building newspaper hotel, as well as shadowing their family member. 


Our interactive STEM Lab has opened in Epsom

In May 2017, Secretary of State Chris Grayling officially opened the STEM Lab in Epsom – an exciting, interactive space that we’ve created in conjunction with our new office development to help young people to learn more about design, engineering and construction.

The space is a purposeful mix of digital and physical experiences that work together to bring to life the skills that are needed – as well as the challenges that need to be considered – when constructing a new office or building.

The room gives visitors the chance to use virtual reality headsets to go on a tour around the new office building, and play a touch screen game that challenges them to build a new office block as quickly and efficiently as possible. A dedicated sensory area also lets them take in the sights, sounds and smells of the development, as well as how it feels.

Augmented reality hot spots that are dotted across both spaces provide additional content, including a video of Atkins’ vision of what engineering will be like in 2020.

The STEM Lab will be used by Epsom’s 150 STEM ambassadors to host young people in and around Epsom, as well as further afield from places such as Guildford, Richmond and Kingston.
Mike McNicholas, managing director of the UK & Europe’s Infrastructure division, said: “We hope that the STEM Lab will make the vital connections between learning and careers so children can make the right choices now to enable them to make the most of opportunities in their long-term futures.”

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