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Volunteer Days

Here at Atkins we recognise that employees may wish to dedicate an appropriate amount of time to supporting charitable organisations in addition to the responsibilities they have to the company. So our employees can take up to 2 days each year to take part in fundraising activities, carry out community work or help with initiatives organised by our local STEM hubs.  



Grace Newman, assistant consultant: “We’re fortunate to have dedicated ‘volunteer days’ here at Atkins which enables us to take time out of work to spend time volunteering for our favourite charities or for initiatives like Big Bang Fair. For me, it’s really important to engage with young minds. As someone who was unsure of which subjects to choose in school, I would have loved the opportunity to attend something like the Big Bang Fair and get inspired for STEM subjects.” 

Billy Chan, engineer: “First Lego League (FLL) holds a robotics tournament for schools every year. FLL challenges kids to think like scientists and engineers. During the tournament, teams build, test and program an autonomous robot. I use my Atkins volunteer days to take part in the judging panel where we looking at how the teams designed their robots; their ways of identifying a problem within the given theme and then create an innovative solution; and how they shared their findings and design with other people.” 

Natalie Ponfield, civil engineer: "The Civils team volunteer day was a great opportunity to support our local community and also bond as a team. My manager is always encouraging the team to use our volunteer days and numerous members of the team help out with STEM activities throughout the year. On this occasion my manager organised a group volunteering day. We discussed what volunteering we would like to do as a team and decided to help a local project run by Sustrans – The sustainable transport charity. The aspiration of the project is to restore Bernnerley Viaduct which is a wrought Iron structure and give it a new lease of life as a cycle path and footpath. To assist the plans we spent the day clearing vegetation and removing soil from the cast iron pier bases and clearing a pathway which spans the length of the viaduct. Everyone found the day extremely rewarding and we were all impressed with the impact we made as a team."

Richard Gough, principal consultant:“I am very grateful for Atkins' volunteering days initiative which enables me to give more of my time to the charity [Cancer Research UK] I feel very passionate about. I would encourage everyone to use their two days and help their own charities.”

Annemarie Flynn, recruitment advisor:“As a team we work really well together, but sometimes get so busy in the day job that we don’t have a chance to down tools and do something totally different to our daily work. Helping at Northleigh House School was a fantastic fun way to spend our volunteer day. We didn’t need any technical expertise just common sense, and hard graft. We were all delighted to support this great cause, and appreciated that we could take the time during a working week to support this amazing charity."

Here's a glimpse of how some of our employees have been #givingback: 

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