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Ashish Adhikari, Graduate Engineer, Atkins


Graduate Engineer

What is it like to work for Atkins in the Middle East?

I first heard of Atkins when I saw the splendid Burj Al Arab episode being aired on the Megastructures programme on the National Geographic channel. I was awed by it, the enormity, the complexity and the indefatigable zeal with which the people of Atkins completed the seemingly impossible. That was when I wished and dreamt of being a part of Atkins in the Middle East and hoped to achieve something similar.

Tell us about the graduate development programme.

I joined the Doha office in May 2012 and even before I could join, I was contacted by the graduate development programme manager who introduced me to other graduates. I can say I was part of the programme even before I joined and the entire process from interview to inductions and trainings were all well organised and were very helpful. The Graduate Development Programme has also developed since I joined and there is even more support to the graduates to get chartered.

Tell us about a typical day at Atkins.

It is hard to say what a typical day in Atkins is like. Working in a client-facing office in a project management role can be full of surprises as priorities change and different issues need to be resolved every day. It is challenging but the passion of getting things done keeps the day going.

What is the most unusual thing you have done since joining?

The most unusual thing was working with the team including the project manager, quality manager and the design director to deliver a project at 3am! The sense of satisfaction of delivering a project with such commitment is everlasting. There is no task too big or small at the time of project delivery - I will always remember how our design director even helped the team to bind the reports! That’s teamwork at its best.

What tips would you give to graduates relocating to the Middle East?

Love the heat, the heat of the sun and the project deliverables. And do not be too choosy over work; any work you get to do here will help to progress your career! Enjoy the place and the work which the Middle East has to offer.

Tell us about the graduate community across the Middle East.

The graduate community across the Middle East is so diverse, you can easily find someone from each continent except Antarctica! It’s a great learning experience sharing your thoughts and ideas or even by just talking to each other. The graduate development programme offers various opportunities to network with graduates across the Middle East.

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