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Atkins selection processSo, you've decided that a career with Atkins is for you and you're now wanting to know what you can expect in terms of the selection process.

The details vary from region to region and sector to sector, so once you’ve completed the application process, you’ll be taken through to a page that explains the details of what you should expect.

In most cases, when you click on apply – you’ll be taken through to our Applicant Tracking System, Taleo, which will collect all the relevant information we need to process your application. 

We’ll assess each application on its own merits, against the criteria outlined in the job description and in consultation with the hiring manager for the role. At this stage, we’ll draw up a shortlist of the applicants that most closely match these criteria and everyone on that shortlist will be invited to an initial interview, which may be face-to-face with either the hiring manager or recruiter, via video conference or Skype, or over the phone.

This first interview in the selection process is very important as it allows us to find out more about you as a person, expanding on the content in your CV and online application. We’ll typically be as interested in your achievements and technical capability and experience, as we will in your personal qualities – so make sure you’re well prepared to tell us about both.

Following the first stage interview, the shortlist will be further refined until there’s only a handful of suitable applicants – and now we’ll set up any combination of assessment centres, online tests (typically verbal and numerical reasoning) and a further face-to-face interview, where we’ll be much more focused on your technical capability and confidence at explaining what you know.

Obviously these approaches are flexible depending on the role and location, but they should serve as a general guideline for the type of techniques you should expect to encounter through our selection process. More information about your specific selection process will be sent out with any initial communication inviting you to the first stage interview.

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