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Daz Bray, Electrification design manager, Atkins


Electrification design manager

Daz is a design manager who is responsible for the detailed planning and delivery of OLE (overhead line electrification) projects, interfacing with clients, delivery managers, oversees design teams and project directors.

He began his career at Atkins as a modern apprentice from the age of 16. Following completion of his apprenticeship he went on to become an OLE design engineer before moving across to design management in 2014. 

I joined Atkins in 2004 as an apprentice in the electrification team in Derby, coming in at 16 years of age straight from school. Being only the second apprentice in the history of the team it was still fairly new and developing itself. I was in the office for three days a week at first, with the other days being spent at college completing a BTEC Engineering course, and an Engineering Operations course. I found that learning and earning was the best way for me; I learnt a lot from the experiences of staff who were always willing to give time to help me progress. After completing my apprenticeship I began to build experience working on various projects including Shields-Gourock, LNW S&C Schemes and EGIP as an assistant OLE design engineer.

In 2011 I left Atkins following a six month secondment to Network Rail and began working for their electrification design team in Birmingham, before returning to Atkins as an OLE design engineer in 2012.
The Atkins factor
After almost two years back at Atkins as an OLE design engineer, I took a change of direction in my career and became the electrification design manager, providing support and management of planning, resourcing and the delivery of electrification projects. I also oversee the successful delivery of the Advanced Modern Apprenticeship of the six apprentices we currently have within the electrification team in Derby.

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