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Dillon Tjonis, Apprentice Quantity Surveyor, Atkins


Apprentice Quantity Surveyor

What is your role at Atkins?

My role at Atkins as an apprentice quantity surveyor is to assist the Senior quantity surveyor that I work with to monitor the financial health of the projects I’m working on. Also, I draft any changes that occur in the project and build up a request form that is sent to the client to appeal for additional funds to cover the new work on said project. Recently I have begun drafting application for payment documents, as its name states this is sent to the client to apply for the payment that the company has earned in a month period for completing a set amount of work. Moving forward I am going to be gaining experience in the tendering process of projects along with how that goes from the start to the end of a project.

What is the best thing about your job?

I’d say that the best thing about my job are the people here at Atkins. Being an apprentice, I was a bit scared that my inexperience may frustrate some people at times, however in my own personal experience everyone seems really happy to help and understands that I am new and are very accommodating to that fact. Certain members of staff have even sacrificed some of their own time to go through and explain things to me that has helped me in my role quite a lot, regardless of how simple the question I had asked.

When have you felt most proud to be an Atkins employee?

Diversity. Since joining it has become very clear to me that SNC-Lavalin / Atkins / F+G are all trying to break the stigma around the construction industry. Knowing that my employer doesn’t discriminate and pushes to include those from different backgrounds and starts initiatives to get more females into the construction industry is something that I can really resonate with and makes me prideful that I work for SNC-Lavalin / Atkins / F+G.

What makes a good day at work?

Working in a massive company like this means that you’ll meet lots of new people all of time. For me coming into work and meeting new people around the office and forming friendships at work and/or professional relationships that help me learn new things are what make a day a work a good day. Also, the sense of achievement, going home knowing that you have made a meaningful contribution to your project is a great feeling.

What would you say to someone thinking of joining Atkins?

Prior to starting at Atkins, it may surprise you to hear that at A level I studied Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science. All three drastically unrelated to my commercial role. Also, I had a part time job working at a multi-billion-pound company, McDonalds. The point I’m getting at is that I know it may be daunting having no experience or idea about the construction industry – but joining SNC-Lavalin / Atkins / F+G at the beginning of your career helps you to adapt and learn quickly with the wide network of people that are happy to help and want to see you succeed. So, if the role you are applying for interests you or you want to be part of a team that will shape the world around you don’t shy away – apply today!

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