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Elie El Choufani, Mechanical engineer, Atkins


Mechanical engineer

What is it like to work for Atkins in the Middle East?

Working for Atkins in the Middle East is a multicultural, demanding and challenging career path. Atkins' projects in the Middle East are not simple and the deadlines are not relaxed to deliver some of the most complicated multidisciplinary projects in the shortest periods of time. You have to learn, adapt and work at a fast pace and communicate closely with the different teams. In order to achieve that, you will find on the way a lot of support and mentoring.

Tell us about a typical day at Atkins.

My typical day at Atkins starts with going over my project tasks, trying to produce a quality design and the best solution for our clients before the deadlines approach, meeting with team leaders and design and project managers to make sure we are on the right track, meeting up with my colleagues to go out for lunch in one the nearby restaurants and attending training sessions on subjects such as REVIT MEP 2012.

What is the most unusual thing you have done since joining?

The most unusual thing I have done as part of my job with Atkins so far is travelling to the Atkins office in Bangalore in India - an area where I never thought I would work, but learned that it is capable of producing high-quality designs and uses effective work methods. Socially, the most unusual thing I have done so far with Atkins is running a 72 km marathon through a Wadi in Oman with four of my colleagues wearing fancy dress costumes!

What tips would you give to graduates relocating to the Middle East?

Have an open mind and enjoy the diversity. You will be facing problems different to the ones you are used to, but this only means that you will become more creative in finding solutions.

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