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Elise Nolan, Graduate Engineer, Transportation (Civil), Atkins


Graduate Engineer, Transportation (Civil)

What have been your key achievements since joining Atkins?

Firstly, my promotion from Graduate to Assistant Engineer. I’ve been fortunate enough to move teams within Transportation; I really enjoy the projects I’m working on and have a great team to work with. Before moving to my current team I was originally seconded in from a different team within Transportation. Being able to undertake this opportunity allowed me to try something new, giving me the chance to develop my technical and non-technical skills in a discipline that really motivated me. As a result, I’ve been rewarded with an internal promotion, having demonstrated to my managers that I have ‘upskilled’ from when I joined the Graduate Development Programme. This is a great sense of achievement, and I’m delighted to know that my colleagues see and recognise the progress I have made.

Secondly, I’ve been actively involved in the Graduate community, which has been invaluable for my development and building my professional network, but is also a huge amount of fun! I’m a Graduate Rep for my business (Transportation), and sit on the UK Graduate Forum as well as chairing the Graduate Forum for my own business. The Forums, both past and present, have worked on and continue to develop a huge range of initiatives that really contribute to the Graduate community. Not only do we work on projects that support the Graduate Development Programme, we look at ways to improve the Graduate experience based on what Graduates actually want – everything from mobility schemes and buddy systems, to challenges and awards for recognition. What we achieve is by Graduates, for Graduates, and it’s incredible to be a part of something where I will implement an idea that will become a permanent part of the Graduate experience at Atkins.

What attracted you to Atkins?

As a large organisation Atkins offers a huge variety of projects and opportunities, both within the UK and further afield. The ability to work on these projects was really exciting and has helped me to progress with my professional development at a good pace. Not only that, but as an international organisation there are possibilities to work with or in other countries, which is very attractive for one’s early career.

Atkins is a very fair employer and its attitude towards flexible working and inclusion made me feel like the organisation would be a great place to work with like-minded people, where I would feel part of a community rather than just another employee.

What other activities have you been involved with?

Not only am I active in the Graduate community, I’ve also been a keen STEM Ambassador since joining the company. Atkins hold high standards of social responsibility as an employer, and actually allow members of staff two paid volunteer days each year to undertake charitable activities. As STEMNet is a charity so well-aligned to what Atkins do as an organisation, it’s fantastic to not only use my own time to take part in these valuable activities, but know that my employer will support me in doing so as well.

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