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Engineering career path

Trying to define a typical career path with Atkins in Europe is always going to be a challenge. The career paths that we offer are so varied that mapping out every permutation might almost be an endless task. But what we do offer, are career opportunities throughout Europe, across all Atkins sectors and at all levels of seniority.

Recognising that choosing and developing your career may be one of the most important and lengthy projects you’ll ever manage, it certainly pays to give it sufficient consideration and research the options available to you.

Our specialist teams may be a geographically diverse bunch, but they’re united around their global outlook. Our people work together to create the everyday masterpieces that define who and what we are, regardless of the size and scope of the individual projects. Your career path is determined as much by our opportunities as by your abilities and aspirations.

In each of our locations throughout Europe, we have teams of specialists united around a common goal of exceeding expectations. We want to hear from like-minded specialists, talented individuals that are driven to ask “why?” and want to be a part of something great. Now’s the time to talk to us and uncover what your career path with Atkins can really look like.

Atkins career paths in the EU

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