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Engineering Jobs in Europe (Experienced)

With around 18,000 staff worldwide, there’s a large community of technical specialists working on a wide variety of projects. And it’s not just about the iconic projects that grace the covers of glossy magazines, although we certainly have our fair share of these – but our career opportunities encompass the full gamut of design, engineering and project management consultancy roles all around the world.

In Europe, we have teams working in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Netherlands, France and Portugal – and of course, in the UK too. Although the UK is where Atkins was founded, we now find our teams working on a truly international basis, cooperating with colleagues around the world and delivering everyday masterpieces of technical excellence.

Whilst as a company we have a significant spread of sectors and services, in Europe our regional teams tend to have a more targeted focus. Everyone in our company understands their role and takes a particular pride in defining and designing the world in which we live in.

We know it takes a special kind of person to become a part of Atkins; someone who challenges the norm, someone who exceeds expectations, someone who can think about things in new ways and wants to do what they do, quietly and brilliantly. That’s who we are and who we have working with us. If you think that’s you too, then get in touch. We have a world of opportunities waiting for you.

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