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Atkins careers in the EUAtkins operations in Europe have a truly multi-national feel about them and not just because we have offices throughout Europe. We take international collaboration very seriously, as it helps define the way we work in Europe and beyond, and often becomes a competitive advantage in the eyes of our clients. Our people unite around this multinational outlook and together develop and create everyday masterpieces that inspire externally and motivate internally.

In Europe, our career opportunities are naturally diverse. Geographically, we can offer genuine career paths that include an ability to work in different regions of the world, alongside some of the brightest, most intelligent people in their professions. Where you go and what you do is as much driven by our established career paths as your own abilities and aspirations.

We value the people in our teams as they’re what make Atkins such a great place to work. We provide support and development and encourage our employees to work together, to go beyond and exceed expectations. And we provide additional training and offer individuals the ability to continue their professional development within established frameworks and training programmes.

Choosing a career with Atkins in Europe is an exciting proposition. We’re looking for talented people to join our team of specialists. If you think this might be you and like how this sounds, then explore the website to find out more or search and apply for a suitable opportunity.

Atkins careers in the EU

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