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Flexible and Agile Working

We're a truly flexible employer offering all kinds of options from part time, job share and home working to agile working and non-core hours. Explore our employee stories to understand how they work flexibly, and most importantly of all - why they work flexibly. To look after their children. To care for someone in their family. To renovate their dream home. To enjoy a new hobby. The different flexible options available with a career at Atkins are endless.  

All the information you need to know is available on our dedicated benefits portal; your reward, which is available to access 24/7 from any device.


Quotes & Testimonials:

Samantha Watson, senior engineer:
“The flexible leave and ability to book leave an hour at a time are definitely major selling points for me at Atkins at the moment, as I juggle a young family and my career.”

Daniel Parsons, senior environmental consultant:
“I live in North Wales and I’m a keen mountain biker and surfer. Working from home a couple of days a week means I can get out to the beach or the mountains after work instead of commuting.”


Edward Hammock, project manager:
“I live about 70 miles from my nearest Atkins office. I work whilst travelling to the office and regularly work from home. I would not be able to work for Atkins without flexible working. Simple as that.” 

Simon Bryan, communications engineer:
“I recently moved to a 4-day week to better fit in work alongside outside commitments and interests and general work/life balance. My manager was more than happy to approve.” 

Samantha Burton, operations manager:
“I have worked at Atkins for over 15 years and flexibility is one of the key reasons for my longevity. As a people manager I need time away from the work environment to ensure I have focussed time to concentrate, without interruptions, on key tasks. I also have a requirement for flexible working to enable childcare commitments, but it also allows me time for my CPD and other courses I have an interest in outside work, i.e. I did a 12 week Counselling Course. The flexibility I have in my role allows me to balance my work and home life to suit both myself and the business."

Alex Morley, senior human factors consultant:
“Flexible working is big for me. I’m able to compress my hours into 9 days per fortnight, so I can spend every other Monday with my daughter. My wife’s employer was so impressed with the idea, they have introduced the same rules, so my wife can do the same thing and my daughter only has to go to childcare 4 days per week."

Joanna Farrar, Technical Director:
"Last year I reduced hours for team members soon to retire and for some junior members. All of my team can work from home at least one day a week if they want to. I work 4 days a week to give myself a more balanced quality of life and often work a slightly shorter day if I have to be in London as it's a longer commute. The flexibility is one of the reasons I'm still here and I know my team appreciate it."


Jon Fairbairn, graduate engineer:
“Whilst working on a 9-month secondment I was doing a lot of driving around the M25, leaving at 5.30am to miss the traffic, which was very tiring. To compensate, I could leave early on Fridays. This was great as it allowed me to catch-up on sleep so that I didn’t have to spend my weekend recovering. For the final few months I had just bought a house, so getting back earlier allowed me more time to start taking it to pieces! Flexible working is important; it allows those who have longer commutes a chance to have a better balance.” 

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