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George Rawlins, Engineering Technician, Atkins


Engineering Technician

Business area: ADS&T Advanced Engineering

What advice would you give to someone considering applying for an apprenticeship?

Consider the pros and cons carefully because the commitment to an apprenticeship is more rewarding with the maturity that you apply to it. Adult life quickly comes upon you.

Beyond studying towards a professional qualification, what other training, development and support have you received? 

Throughout my apprenticeship, I’ve managed to balance work with military commitments which I couldn’t have done without the support and Reservist-friendly nature of Atkins. 

I’ve undertaken intensive training at Sandhurst to become a Second Lieutenant in the Royal Engineers all while studying for a Foundation Degree in Mechanical Engineering. 

Balancing both commitments is the greatest challenge I face as a Reservist. However, I’m able to easily transfer skills between these different roles which certainly helps. And Atkins’ approach to flexible working means I can still maintain my weekend commitments. 

I really love the supportive culture throughout the organisation. My colleagues and line managers are genuinely interested in what I’m doing and I’m encouraged to apply what I’ve learnt with the Reservists throughout my work at Atkins. 

What have you enjoyed most in the time you’ve been here? And what’s the next milestone you’re working towards?

I have enjoyed the dynamic environment at Atkins. I’m involved in an ever-growing range of projects and roles; from building surveying to detailed design engineering. Whilst I continue to enhance my role as a Design Engineer, I’m now also growing my capability in a new area, Cyber Security, which is hugely exciting. 



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