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To find out if we’re right for each other we’ve designed a process that’s easy to follow and will help you show us your best. It will be challenging at times and you’ll need to plan your time so you can give it your all. You can only submit one application so we’d like you to take your time learning about us – let’s make sure the role you apply for is the right one for you.

As part of your application, you will be asked to complete online assessments. If you require any adjustments to complete the assessments, please contact

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Situational judgement test
Full application
Numerical and inductive reasoning tests
Telephone Interview
Graduate assessment centre


Hints and tips

1) Do your research….Find out everything about our development programme and the industry you’re applying to. Make sure you meet the minimum criteria detailed on our job descriptions and that you only apply to one role. 

2) Focus your application….Tailor the information you provide to the role you have chosen. Make sure your passion comes across and reference any related projects or modules you’ve previously been involved in within this subject. 

3) Take your time…Make sure you don’t rush any step in our recruitment process. You can always save your application and return to it at another time.

4) Check, check and check again – Revisit your application before you submit it to make sure there are no errors and that you’ve added everything that’s required! It’s also a good idea to undertake some practice tests for the ones included in our selection process, just so you feel more prepared once the time comes. 


Situational judgment test - what to expect

How to stand out at an assessment centre

Tips from our recruitment team

Adding polish to your application form

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