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How to apply - Apprenticeships

Our selection process aims to ensure we recruit the best people on to our apprenticeship programme and we hope it will offer you the opportunity to showcase your talents and really shine!  

The information below will explain the typical route we anticipate our applicants to go through, letting you know what to expect, at what time and what we require from you.


If you require adjustments to complete any of the below assessments, please contact

Choose from three levels of apprenticeships:

Advanced Level 3 (equivalent to 2 A-Levels)
Higher Level 4 or Level 5 (equivalent to HNC/HND)
Degree Level 6


Step 1 – Search and complete an online application form
Step 2- Application review
Step 3 - Telephone interview
Step 4 – Interview / assessment – final stage
Step 5- Offer and college registration

Hints and tips

1) Do your research…. on our apprentice programme and the industry you are applying to. Make sure you meet the minimum criteria detailed on our job descriptions and that you only apply to one role.

2) Focus your application….tailor the information you provide to the role you have chosen. Make sure your passion comes across and why an apprenticeship is the right path for you.

3) Take your time…make sure you take your time and you don’t rush any step in our recruitment process. You can save your application and return to it at another time.

4) Check, check and check again – revisit your application before you submit it to make sure there are no errors and that you’ve added everything that’s required! 

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