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Although we’ve designed this website to be as user friendly and simple to use as possible, there are some features and functions that have been explained in more detail below.

Mobile search

The new Atkins careers website has been developed with accessibility in mind from the outset. With more and more people now using smartphones and other mobile devices, we’ve taken the decision to make our careers website mobile enabled.

No matter the device you're on, you'll see the main version of our careers website, with all the information about the sectors and regions we work in, along with information about career paths, compensation and benefits and access to the entire portfolio of career opportunities throughout Atkins.   

Sharing a job

One of the best ways we’ve found of attracting and retaining the talent we need, is through individual referrals. Employees, colleagues and peers will often recommend people they know when they see suitable openings at Atkins. And people who join Atkins through this route, often seem to like what they find and stay with us for years and years.

But this system isn’t just for our current employees. We’ve built sharing in to the careers website so that everyone can suggest jobs to the people they know. Roles can be shared via any of the main social networks – LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ and it’s easy to send via email too.

Just click on the relevant sharing icons and follow the onscreen instructions

Meet our people

We know from speaking to our employees that working at Atkins is more than just a job. It’s a way of life. Because we offer opportunities to work in a wide range of sectors and locations, with technical specialists who really know their stuff, and support our people through their continuing professional development, our teams are engaged and motivated in their roles.

In our People section we’ve pulled together a collection of people from across the business who will tell you what it’s really like to work at Atkins, how they joined the company, what they do and what they find special about working at Atkins.

Email alerts

One of the really popular ways we’ve found of staying up to date on the latest career opportunities at Atkins – apart from visiting our careers website – is to sign up to email alerts. There are actually two types of email alerts you can sign up for. A quick alert which will email you matching roles, or you can register a more in-depth profile (HERE) and have your details reviewed by an Atkins recruiter once you have created a full profile.

For the quick email alert in the careers website, just carry out a normal careers search using the search bar and then click on the button “Set up as a new job alert”. Enter a little registration information like your name and email address and then save the alert.

You’ll then automatically receive a daily digest of the latest jobs that are relevant to your search.

Once you’ve found your dream role at Atkins, you can easily unsubscribe just by clicking the unsubscribe link that will be in every alert email you receive off us.

Filter your job search

With so many great roles to choose from, we can appreciate it might all seem a little overwhelming – so that’s why we’ve made filtering the job search such an easy task. Once you’ve carried out your initial search, you’ll be presented with your list of results and alongside these you’ll see a selection of filters to further narrow down your search.

Once you’ve narrowed the search sufficiently, you’ll be able to add vacancies to your shortlist, save the search so you’re emailed matching roles, or simply apply for that position that’s just right for you. And if you’ve found you’ve gone too far with your filtering, you can always deselect a filter option to widen your search.

Sectors at Atkins

Atkins is a multidisciplinary business of design, engineering and project management specialists that work across a broad range of sectors. Each of these sectors are represented on the careers website.

As we have offices all over the world, we can offer a truly international career path – so searching for jobs by sector can really help demonstrate the breadth of opportunities we have available and let you know more about what we do in each of these sectors.

Regions at Atkins

As an international organisation we typically have a wide range of opportunities available across our business. You can easily browse through the various regional content pages by clicking on Locations in the top menu bar and find out more about the career paths, opportunities, compensation and benefits in that specific area of the world.

Alternatively, just select the relevant location in the job search and you’ll be able to find the matching roles available in that region. Atkins offers a truly worldwide career path to those that want it, limited only by your imagination and aspiration. Take a look at the international opportunities available now.

Jobs shortlist

With so many opportunities available all around the world, it might be difficult keeping track of those roles that interest you – but that’s what the job shortlist is for.

As you’re browsing the site and carrying out your job searches, if you see a role that’s of interest to you, add it to your shortlist so you can review them all when you’re ready to apply.

You can only apply for one job at a time, but the shortlist should ensure that you’ve identified all the suitable opportunities at Atkins and considered which ones best fit your skillset, experience and aspirations.

The job shortlist can be found in the 'My shortlist' tab at the top, and jobs can be shortlisted by using the star icon.

Our people