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Atkins careers in information communicationsNeil Watt has been connecting communities and businesses with superfast and efficient telecommunications networks for more than 30 years. He started with Atkins as a communications engineer, and over the last decade has gained experience as a project manager, team leader and business manager. Like Neil, we’re sure you’ll be surprised by the opportunities we have for people in our information communications team. Whether you want to work in software development, photogrammetry, geographic information systems, communications network design (broadband and radio) or identity assurance, we can offer you the chance to excel in the rapidly changing ICT sector.

Our teams are based throughout the UK, in India and the Middle East where we work with public and private sector clients. They rely on advanced communication networks and secure, efficient information and software to keep their organisations running. Our teams have the depth and breadth of expertise to assist them. We are an important link, delivering far-reaching benefits to our clients and our communities.

News of our expertise has really taken off and we support other businesses across Atkins on worldwide infrastructure projects. Our photogrammetrists are creating 3D models of aircraft landing gear from photographs to support colleagues in the aerospace team, we are part of multidiscipline teams working on large scale data centre designs and we’re adding our ICT expertise to that of our colleagues’ working on major projects in Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

We thrive on keeping people connected and the pace of change in our sector puts us at the forefront of innovation. Browse our current vacancies to see how a role in Atkins’ information communications team may spark a fresh start to your career.

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