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It’s the year to inspire an engineer

by Katie Cockerton | Talent Attraction Specialist 

01 May 2018

Engineers for a better future
As the world changes, we need engineers more than ever before. Engineers who will imagine the impossible, create the incredible and build the unbelievable. But in the UK misconceptions about engineering still abound. People tend to think it’s about fixing things, rather than solving some of the biggest issues of our time. There is also the stereotype of a male-dominated industry that is hard to shake, and for many career seekers, hard to take. 

It’s really about innovation
The reality is that engineering is visionary, exciting and diverse. From driverless-cars to new frontiers in aerospace and revolutions in robotics, the career possibilities for girls and boys alike are endless. When we get speaking to children about what modern engineering is really about, they become very excited and inspired.

Influencing the influencers
It’s not just children we need to convince, it’s influencers too- parents, teachers and career advisors. Creative girls as well as boys should be encouraged to take science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects, which open up many opportunities for careers in engineering.

Calling on our heroes
Through our Year of Engineering campaign, we also want to challenge influencers to take a new look at engineering in the 21st century. Atkins, a member of the SNC-Lavalin group, has always had an exciting story to tell- we can portray our industry as diverse, progressive and making an impact on the world. So we’ll be featuring stories from our heroes about what inspired them into engineering. We love the genuine voices of our employees and there’s no better time for us to talk about our passions. 

Be part of the experience
Here’s your invitation to explore life #InsideAtkins. Follow us on Instagram @atkins_global and you’ll see all of the amazing employee takeovers first hand- sharing the Atkins moments that matter the most. Below are some of our favourite pictures from the first few months, focusing on our brilliant women in science, our amazing apprentices and the engineers working to improve lives. 

Find out more for your child
If you get inspired to inspire YOUR child, great news! Head over to our Careers pages where you’ll find yawn-free information about STEM learning, work experience, our apprenticeship scheme and our graduate development programme. So here’s to the future.

Inspire an engineer: