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Jason Speechly-Dick, Design director, Atkins


Design director

When did you join Atkins and what is your role?

 I joined the London office in May 2010. I’m an architect responsible for directing and managing design.

 Why did you join Atkins?

 At Atkins we have a depth of expertise in so many areas and it’s refreshing to feel part of a truly international organisation. I feel empowered by the scale and depth of the organisation and this is what inspired me to join.

 What did you do before you joined Atkins?

 I studied at the Architectural Association in London. My first job at an architect’s practice involved work on an award-winning government building in Marseilles. Subsequent career moves saw me leading a design team on the New Hong Kong airport and completing various technically complex projects including hospitals, arts projects and higher education buildings.

 Do you have any professional accreditations?

 AA Dip (Scholarship), BA Hons ARB, RIBA.
How do you describe what you do to friends and family?

 Being a third generation architect and living with an interior designer too, it’s never been a problem describing “the architects’ lot” to family. However, when describing my passion for buildings to close friends there’s always been slight disbelief as to how this subject could be at all interesting.

 What are you currently working on?

 Currently, my team and I are working on proposals for Gatwick Airport in the UK and recently on the delivery of a major airport in the Middle East.

 What’s the most technically challenging project you are working on at Atkins?

 It is delivering the new airport in the Middle East and its associated buildings within an extremely tight programme. We are so excited to be working on this complex yet significant project. The Atkins factor
How do design directors and Atkins make a difference?

 Being a multidisciplinary practice, we offer a wide range of complementary consultancies to our clients, not only architectural design. We bring expertise and experience to deliver world-class projects and seek to lead design solutions that respond to the key challenges posed by delivering low carbon economies.

 How would you describe the culture at Atkins?

 The office culture is geared towards working in teams where various disciplines can share information and experiences. It’s a friendly and professional place with talented people who have different passions and expertise.

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