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Kat Gelsthorpe, Environmental Scientist, Atkins


Environmental Scientist

Business area: Water Management Consultancy (WMC)
Job title: Environmental Scientist
Years at Atkins: 10

How does your work benefit the end user?

I am an Environmental Scientist which specialises in water quality.

I work on Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) for large transportation schemes, so I often work on projects for Highways England, helping to deliver new roads and improve existing roads in a safe, functional, sustainable manor to the millions of people across the UK who use our road network every day.

As water is such a vital resource, a lot of my work will involve protection of surface waters and the environment. This is important to me as I’m extremely passionate about the environment and I’m proud that my job plays a part in helping to protect and improve it.

A lot of my work is office based, but sometimes I’m out in the field collating data.

What inspired you to become a Environmental Scientist?

I have always been interested in Geography and how the human world interacts, moulds and shapes the natural environment. My Master’s Degree focused on the impact of water quality from agricultural lands to surface water. This increased my passion for managing the problems facing surface water, adopting a catchment perspective and collaborating with a spectrum of people to find a solution.

Why do you choose to stay at Atkins?

Atkins’ involvement in the EIA market allows me to work on projects from building new strategic roads, to building new railways, the veins and arteries of our country which allow people to connect. These developments in themselves can create new projects and opportunities to improve the natural environment such as river realignment schemes.

The lifecycle of the projects is so diverse it keeps my job interesting daily. From project planning at the initial project development stages, to options appraisal, to collating field data and then delivering a final project. It is satisfying seeing a project through from feasibility to detailed design stage and how my work shaped the design.

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