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Lia Kolligri, Geotechnical engineer, Atkins


Geotechnical engineer

Business area: Infrastructure
Job title: Geotechnical Engineer
Years at Atkins: 5.5

What inspired you to become am engineer?

I was inspired to become an engineer since I was a child and I was astonished by the way engineering can contribute to the quality of life and the transformation of a city; how it is related to our lives, from the way a landscape looks and a space is being used to the economic growth, or not, of an area or a sector. I specifically chose to become a geotechnical engineer because the foundations are important, aren’t they? Studying mining engineering, I appreciated the diversity of the ground, the value of the ores and deposits and the effects of a poor assessment of the ground conditions in mining and civil schemes. It is interesting and challenging; there are always uncertainties associated with the ground and it is fascinating to explore them and provide solutions. Being in place to help assess the conditions and propose a solution is very engaging. Finally, there is a slight chance that growing up in between construction sites (architect dad) and minerals (geologist mom) might have contributed to the outcome.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

What gets me out of bed in the morning is the enthusiasm to tackle the challenges; I am looking forward to collaborate with the team and deliver high quality design solutions for major infrastructure projects. This is playing my small part in changing the world. The interaction with my team, other parts of Atkins, as well as the client, the stakeholders and other parties involved in each scheme is quite engaging and rewarding. Day by day I can see my skills developing, and my technical ability improving. I can see my team’s capabilities expanding, new opportunities coming in and the team itself growing. This is the most important thing for me; not being stagnant and continue to grow, individually and collectively.

What do you think has had the biggest impact on your career development to date?

What has allowed me to develop my career so far is the wide range of opportunities offered when working for an interdisciplinary organisation. I have undertaken many interesting, challenging and diverse tasks and this has helped me to develop technically and professionally. I have had the opportunity to work on different types of projects and sectors, with various teams and clients. From office based design work, to client interface and site work, I have gained valuable knowledge and experience. In addition, the support I have received from my colleagues as well as the good collaboration that we have achieved, has been key to my career development.

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