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Mark Goudie, Electrical & Mechanical Engineer, Atkins


Electrical & Mechanical Engineer

Name: Mark Goudie
Business area: Nuclear & Power
University and degree: University of Strathclyde, MEng Electrical & Mechanical Engineering

Can you briefly describe your role and what you do?

I am an Electrical & Mechanical Engineer in our Electrical Networks team. My role includes:
• Business management – helping with the running of the team.
• Business development – building relationships with clients and winning work.
• Project delivery – getting involved in our projects either as an engineer or as a Project Manager.

All in all, my role gives me a great amount of variety in my day to day work – something that really appealed to me when I decided to work in consultancy.

Why did you choose Atkins?

I was an IET Power Academy Scholar with Atkins during my undergraduate studies, so I had a good level of experience with the company before I decided to join them as a graduate engineer. The people that I worked with, the ability to work for lots of different clients, the ability to change roles and work in different locations where all factors that made me want to work for Atkins.

What projects have you worked on during the graduate development programme?

I’ve been lucky enough to work in a range of different teams during my graduate development programme, ranging from a technology incubator to strategy.

I’ve been involved in several wind farm, energy storage and first of a kind energy generation projects and the key role that I played was understanding the techno-economic potential of these technologies – highlighting that the technical challenges must be balanced against the commercial model.

I’ve also project managed several projects, and this has really emphasised the importance of communications with your client and team.

What’s been your highlight on the graduate development programme so far?

The highlight for me is the training and yearly activities. You will come together once a year to share learning and receive dedicated training – for me these are not to be missed and are a good opportunity to meet other graduates from different parts of the company!

What didn’t you know, but wish you had known when applying and joining Atkins?

I wish I had known more about the legal and commercial aspects of working in consultancy – something that wasn’t really covered in university. If I had known that ahead of time, I would have focused some of my classes on these areas.

What social, society or CSR activities have you been involved with at Atkins?

The graduate community in Atkins regularly organises events for the office I’m in – so there’s always something going on. I’m heavily involved in two IET schemes; The IET Power Academy that I represent Atkins corporately for and the Engineering Horizons Bursary scheme that I am the Chairman of.  You get two volunteer days per year and I tend to focus on STEM outreach activities to encourage the next generation.

Where do you see your career in the future and how do you see yourself getting there?

I’ve been lucky to get a variety of different roles in Atkins and in the future I see myself developing my leadership and project delivery skills – ultimately ending up in a position that allows me to do one or both.

The key things that I’ve learned about achieving your career aspirations, is building a reputation for doing good work, having a strong network across your sector and mentors that you can call upon for support.

What skills have you developed since being at Atkins?

I’ve seen my technical and economic project skills develop since university, being able to take a high-level view on the viability of projects. I’ve also built up significant business development, operations and strategy skills that I continue to use day to day.

What do you do outside of the graduate development programme?

Outside of the programme, I’m a cyclist and a fan of water sports having recently got into sailing. I’m also pretty sociable – spending time with friends and family whenever I can.

What’s the culture of Atkins like?

The culture at Atkins can be described by its people. The type of work that you do will keep you in a sector but it’s the people you work with that will keep you in a business – and that’s the reason that I see myself continuing to work for Atkins.

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