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Matthew King, Senior Mechanical Engineer, Atkins


Senior Mechanical Engineer

Business area: Infrastructure – Engineering Design – Mechanical, Electrical & Process
Job title: Senior Mechanical Engineer
Years at Atkins: 7 (6 Years Post Graduation & 1 year Work Placement)

Why do you choose to stay at Atkins?

I choose to stay at Atkins for many reasons:
Variety – Every project I have worked on has been different and challenged me. I have worked on design, construction and on behalf of the client. I have also worked in different offices, including our Global Design Centre (GDC) in India.
People – I work with good people. There is respect of each member of staff and each person can freely share their valued opinions to all grades of staff.
Support – Atkins is a very supportive company to work for. I work with senior members of staff who work flexible hours to accommodate their personal commitments. The support I receive from Atkins and the management team is excellent for me managing my long-term medical condition.
Development – The progression from the young undergraduate to what I am now as a Senior Mechanical Engineer, has only been achieved with the development, resources and assistance from staff at Atkins.

When have you felt most proud to be an Atkins employee?

There has been two noteworthy proud points at Atkins:
Mogden CHP – Seeing first-hand the construction, commissioning and hand-over of the CHP project which took two years of design was a very proud moment in my career.
Atkins Big Bang – The work we did as an all graduate team, that I was member of, for the first Atkins presence at The Big Bang Fair was a very proud moment. The ability to showcase the ‘Everyday Engineering’ people take for granted that Atkins is involved with to school children and encourage them into a Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) career, was a really proud moment.

What do you think has had the biggest impact on your career development to date?

The biggest impact to my career development was my Secondment to Bristol Water. I moved from my home office in Epsom to the Bristol Water client office for the Design & Build of Blagdon Pumping Station. This project enabled me to work and experience the full life cycle of a project. Being a relatively junior engineer at the time, this project and the experience put me out of my comfort zone and working environment of an Atkins office.

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