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Miranda Reeves, Director, management consultancy, Atkins


Director, management consultancy

When did you start working at Atkins?

I joined in 1997.

Why did you join Atkins?

I was a TUPE transfer from Havant Borough Council.

What did you do before you joined Atkins?

I was working in IT managed services for a local authority.

How would you describe your role and responsibilities?

I help the management consultants business to achieve its business goals and objectives, by building and managing successful client delivery teams and ensuring a strong and successful business development pipeline of new work.

How do you describe what you do to friends and family?

I am a director in the management consultancy business of one of the world’s most successful engineering consultancies.

Do you have any professional accreditations?

Atkins sponsored me to complete an MBA specialising in Financial Strategy and Creativity, Innovation & Change.

What key projects have you worked on?

I have worked on numerous local authority projects, led Management Consultancy’s educational ICT consultancy to 'Building Schools for the Future' and Academies. I also led an ICT capability assessment of the secondary schools in Trinidad and Tobago. For the last three years I have been Atkins’ account director at Heathrow Airport, heading up an ICT framework that provided £20m revenue across the Group during 2013/14.

What are you currently working on?

I have recently been appointed Management Consultancy’s director for regulated industries.

What achievement are you most proud of?

My team’s contribution to the successful opening of Heathrow’s new Terminal 2 in June 2014.

What’s the most technically challenging project you’ve worked on?

Successfully delivering projects within complex stakeholder environments is always both challenging and rewarding but such challenges are always amplified when cultural differences are added to the mix, so with this in mind, I would have to say the work undertaken for the Ministry of Education in Trinidad and Tobago.

How has your career developed at Atkins?

I joined at Grade 11 and have successfully risen to Grade16.

How have you been supported during your career development?

I have always been extremely well supported by Atkins. I have been on many management and professional development courses to support my progression via my chosen business management route.

How do management consultants and Atkins make a difference?

We make a difference by building strong relationships with our clients. We do not just write a report or conduct a study and move on. We really get to understand our clients’ problems, roll our sleeves up and work alongside them to provide the answers, sticking around to ensure that the benefits of engaging with Atkins are realised to our clients’ advantage.

How would you describe the culture at Atkins?

Supportive, collegiate, professional, honest and trustworthy.

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