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Neil Cuthbert, Senior Engineer, Atkins


Senior Engineer

Business area: Energy (UK&E) – Oil and Gas
Job title: Senior Engineer
Years at Atkins: 5.5

How does your work benefit the end user?

My work is in the UK sector of the Oil and Gas Industry (the Atkins Energy business). In my current role I am responsible for the delivery, planning and continuous improvement for operational and inspection requirements for a large structural integrity services framework contract with an oil and gas exploration and production company operating in the UK North Sea.

The work falls into the asset management consultancy services domain. We help the end user reduce costs, maximise oil and gas production, minimise downtime and improve safety and environmental performance in the face of ever-ageing infrastructure. We use innovative tools and bring efficient systems for integrity management.

I provide 24/7 support to the operator in the daily operation of their assets. This includes offshore enactment (inspection activities as well as construction implementation), real time analysis and engineering decisions as well as budget and workload support.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Being a civil engineer in the energy industry is an exciting career choice. The energy industry offers an interesting backdrop with respect to politics, sustainability, economy, and so on.

I am involved in the oil and gas industry which is extremely fast paced and delivery driven. The engineering challenges are interesting, varied and often not repeated. Things change on a daily and sometimes hourly basis - this is exciting and provides plenty of variety in your day.

My current role occasionally involves going offshore to perform structural inspections of oil platforms. This is a unique ‘out of office’ experience, after all how often do you go to work on a petrochemical facility in the middle of the North Sea which also doubles as a hotel and heliport.

What do you think has had the biggest impact on your career development to date?

The training and development provided by Atkins has no doubt had the biggest impact on my career development to date. A lot of emphasis is placed on this with mandatory personal development conversations.

I joined as a graduate in 2011, and with the help and support of the Atkins development programme have progressed to a Senior Engineer. This has included professional qualification with the ICE, achieving CEng in Autumn 2015.

Everywhere you look in Atkins there are industry leaders. You can benefit from this wealth of knowledge on a daily basis and I don’t expect my development and career progression to end. With access to the industry’s leading lights every day is a school day! In addition to the training and development support offered, the wealth of opportunities created by the Atkins business is fabulous.

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