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Neil Watt, Principal engineer, Atkins


Principal engineer

Our work isn’t all about technical reports and spreadsheets. Atkins engineers are working on projects that will change the world we live in, and help create a better future for all of us.

Neil is a great example of this. He’s helping to bring superfast broadband to people all across the UK, even in the most remote regions of rural Scotland.

“From my very first project at Atkins I’ve felt like I’ve made a real difference to the way people communicate and connect to each other.

When I joined Atkins in 2001 I worked with Angus Council and what’s now Police Scotland to design and install their wireless network. This gave the Council and Police high speed data connectivity and voice communications, both of which are absolutely essential to how they operate today.

Since then I’ve worked on superfast broadband projects all over the UK and even in the Middle East and Asia, but by far my best project has been Connected Communities in the Western Isles of Scotland.

When we took on the Connected Communities project there was no broadband connectivity in the Western Isles. Now we’re running a network that spans 13 inhabited islands and serves thousands of residents, businesses and the public sector. The work was a big challenge, but seeing school children and GPs in one of Europe’s most remote areas able to use the internet through our network really makes me feel like I’ve achieved something and made a difference.

It seems grand to talk about my legacy, but it’s good to have been involved in something as important to our future as next generation broadband. Whether it’s a network or the young guys I’ve brought into the team, I know I’m leaving something that will be here long after I’m gone.”

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