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Paul Stevenson, Senior engineer, Nuclear, Atkins


Senior engineer, Nuclear

About Paul’s role at Atkins

The Atkins Energy business welcomed me to the Nuclear New Build team in Bristol as a Mechanical Engineer in June 2013. Prior to working with Atkins I was a marine engineer submarines in the Royal Navy for 12 years.

About Paul’s role as a Reservist

When I left the Royal Navy to join Atkins it seemed sensible to join the Royal Navy Reserves (RNR) as a way to maintain links with the Royal Navy and to take advantage of the professional development opportunities offered by the RNR. The Royal Navy had been a huge influence in my life.

As well as training to become a Submarine Controller in the RNR (to help with keeping submarines safe at sea),  I am responsible for a division (a multi-disciplined team of a dozen logisticians) and enjoy the obligation to help them to perform to their full personal and professional potential.

The challenge is the hours required to feel like you are doing a good job; the demand on time can be high but the focus on expanding the Forces should help to ease this.

About Atkins’ approach to Reservists

Before joining Atkins, the HR department were helpful in confirming the company’s inclusive policy for Reservists which was one of the factors to help in accepting the offer from the company. 

I think that the benefit to Atkins of employing Reservists is the personal and professional skills development. Leadership, time management, people and practical skills are all things that we develop to a high standard and are transferable across a wide range of roles.

It’s important that companies like Atkins have clear policies and procedures in place to support employees because we as Reservists have a dual responsibility to fulfill our company expectations and to perform our Reservists duties. I’ve found Atkins’ guidelines for Reservists helpful, not only for myself but also in informing members of my team who were interested in joining the Reserve Forces.

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