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Rachel Evans, Senior Managing Consultant, Atkins


Senior Managing Consultant

Business area: Consultancy, Transportation
Job title: Senior Managing Consultant
Years at Atkins: 12

How is your work taking transportation / infrastructure etc into tomorrow OR how does your work benefit the end user?

I play a leading role in developing and delivering sustainable transport solutions for clients. I support developers in maximising the accessibility of their development sites through effective travel planning. I deliver local sustainable transport projects for Local Authorities which impact on the travel behaviour of businesses and local communities – personalised travel planning, cycling and walking initiatives, station travel plans, cycle hubs – it’s all about giving people travel choices! Sustainable transport is massive in the current and future health agenda – getting more people cycling and walking more often through our project intervention is paramount!

What inspired you to become a transport planner?

The trigger point to my hugely rewarding career in transport planning was a practical and everyday scenario one! My mixed user experiences of the public transport and walking network whilst travelling to University made me realise how pivotal transport is to everyday quality of life and ability to access employment, education and services. Transport Planners have the central role to play in shaping how our transport networks develop and that was a very exciting concept!

What social, society or CSR activities have you been involved with at Atkins?

I am known as the Fitness Ambassador in our Birmingham office! As part of our Corporate Wellbeing initiative, I champion a range of Being Active initiatives – fitness classes, lunchtime running and walking – brilliant for wellbeing and great fun too!

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