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Richard Guy, Associate Director, Atkins


Associate Director

Business area: Faithful+Gould
Job title: Regional Director (graduate alumni)
Years at Atkins: 8 years

Why do you choose to stay at Atkins?

Atkins provides a world of opportunity. We have a hand in most major projects across the UK, and have a great global presence. The reputation of technical excellence is something I am proud to be associated with. I find the people in Atkins the most motivating thing for me, any question you can ask about our industry you will never be far away from an expert to answer it!

When have you felt most proud to be an Atkins employee?

A personal moment for me was speaking at the annual Atkins graduate induction in 2016. Having joined Atkins originally as a graduate myself, it made me extremely proud to be standing in front of 300 eager new recruits and describing the possibilities that lie in front of them.

What has been the most influential moment in your career?

I think taking the opportunity for a full time secondment with TfL on their biggest capital delivery project, the Deep Tube Upgrade Programme (valued at £16bn) gave me an environment to thrive with an extremely sharp learning curve. My early efforts with the client led to a major commission being awarded to Atkins and I was recognised with the CEO award in 2017 for my contribution to the business.

What do you think has had the biggest impact on your career development to date?

No doubt it has been my colleagues. Something that has to be earned, but I have always had the trust and support of my leadership. Surrounded by excellent professionals, in a team of people that want to do the right thing, make the world a better place and push each other – it’s hard not to become better every day!

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