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Rob Evans, Senior Safety Consultant, Atkins


Senior Safety Consultant

My role at Atkins
My position at Atkins is Senior Maritime & Aviation Safety and Airworthiness Engineer, which largely involves me being the technical lead for a variety of MOD maritime and aviation safety tasks. I am responsible for assisting clients, helping them to understand their requirements and working closely with them to develop a solution.

My role in the Reserves
I am a Lieutenant Commander (Air Engineer Officer) specialising in Aviation Air Safety Assurance in the Royal Navy Reserve (Air Branch). My role is to provide air safety assurance to Duty Holders including Naval Air Stations and Navy Headquarters, assisting the Military Aviation Authority with air safety assurance and assurance of air show air displays.

I am also about to be the Air Show commentator at the Armed Forces Day Air Show in Llandudno Jun 18, which will involve introducing and providing information on air and ground displays, working with the local council and “Silver” Command police and other emergency services.

Serving as a reservist has allowed me to further develop my questioning techniques, and my understanding of air safety from an operator’s perspective. My role has complemented the teams that I work in; I’m able to offer advice to my Atkins colleagues working on projects with MOD clients on how equipment and operations are conducted.

Atkins’ approach to the reserves
Whilst at Atkins, I’ve found line management are supportive of my Reserve tasking. I can also take 10 days on top of my leave to conduct RNR (Air Branch) tasking, which has been beneficial.

What would you say to somebody interested in joining the reserves?
- It allows you to develop skills you already have and learn new ones which are transferrable between Atkins and the military.
- An opportunity to take you out of your comfort zone and work in areas that normally may not be open to you in your Atkins role.

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