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Terry Suehr, Operations Director, Atkins


Operations Director

Business area:  EDPM NA, Federal Business Unit
Job title: Operations Director
Years at Atkins: 14

What inspired you to become an Engineer?

I made the decision to study civil engineering during my freshman year in college.  I was inspired by some upperclassmen who shared details of their favorite classes.  I did not know much about civil engineering before then but am so grateful for their guidance.  I learned that engineering brings together the skills and discipline that cater to my strengths.  Their belief and encouragement gave me the confidence to know I would be successful on this path. 

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

I enjoy bringing a team together to accomplish a common goal.  I truly believe that a cohesive team multiplies the performance of the individuals.  I feel tremendous satisfaction when I am able to lead a team to deliver a solution for a client or improve our business. 
I also have a passion for learning.  My career path has allowed me to continually grow my skills and learn new areas of our business.

What do you think has had the biggest impact on your career development to date?

I have always sought out new challenges and stepped forward to take on difficult tasks.  This has partnered me with some wonderfully talented and inspiring leaders.  Through their coaching and support, I have been able to tackle each of the challenges, while learning some valuable lessons along the way.  I believe that my willingness to step forward and seek out new opportunities has allowed me to learn and grow my career.

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