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Themis Stergiou, Assistant Geotechnical Engineer, Atkins


Assistant Geotechnical Engineer

Business area: Infrastructure
Years into GDP: 2
University and degree: MEng in Civil Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, MSc in Soil Mechanics and Business Management, Imperial College London

Can you briefly describe your role and what you do?

I am an Assistant Geotechnical Engineer in the Infrastructure division of Atkins. I mostly work in Energy related projects, from offshore structures foundation design to seismic analysis for nuclear plants. More specifically, I am part of the team that designs a wide range of offshore foundations for wind farms as well as the design of the first new nuclear power station in the UK for a generation at Hinkley Point in Somerset. It’s exciting to know that you actively take part in the transformation of the Energy market towards green forms of Energy.

Why did you choose Atkins?

I chose Atkins so that I would be part of a large multidisciplinary team working on momentous projects around the world. Working with the best people around the world while taking part in projects that will shape the future.

What’s the culture of Atkins like?

A culture that values networks over hierarchies to empower staff to respond to opportunities and deliver solutions. An environment where collaboration and sharing of information is second nature. A decentralised decision making approach to enable staff to respond to clients’ need with speed and agility.

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