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Graduate FAQs


Which programme should I apply for?
Can I apply to more than one programme?
What if I don’t meet your entry requirements?

International Candidates

I am an international student; am I eligible to apply?

Application process

What process will I go through when applying for a graduate or placement role?
When do I need to submit my application by?
Can I submit a CV or covering letter?
What will make my application form stand out?
What do I do if I have completed an undergraduate placement or I'm an internal candidate at Atkins?
What do I do if I applied last year?

Recruitment process

I have a disability, are you able to provide adjustments and / or support?
What types of adjustments are available for someone who has a disability or health condition?
Who can I contact about my application and disability?
Should I tell you about my disability?
I’ve had technical issues when completing my situational judgement test or online assessments, what do I do?
What does the situational judgement test involve?
What does an assessment centre involve?
When do assessment centres take place?
I’m now unable to make the final assessment centre or interview date?
Can I claim back expenses from the graduate assessment centre I attend?
When will I know if I have been successful?



What is the Atkins Graduate Development Programme (GDP)?
When do I receive my settling-in allowance?
Can I work in other offices?
Will I be able to rotate in my role?
How long does the Graduate Programme last?
How often will I get a pay-rise?
Are there any Graduate Events?
What training schemes for professional qualification are available?

Placement FAQs


Which scheme should I apply for?
Can I apply to more than one programme?
What if I don’t meet your entry requirements?
I am an international student, am I eligible to apply?
I have already graduated but can I still apply for a placement position?

About our placements

What types of placement do Atkins offer?
What is the structure of the undergraduate placement scheme?
Who are placements designed for?
Why should I apply for a placement at Atkins?
How many undergraduate placements do you employ each year?
Will I get considered for the Graduate Development programme?
What will I get paid?
Does Atkins cover travel and accommodation expenses during a placement?
Can I take holiday during my placement?

Recruitment process

What is the Atkins application process for placements?
What is the most common mistake you see applicants make?
How do I find out what the job requirements for a position?
Why is there such a detailed process for finding a placement scheme?
Does Atkins reimburse interview travel expenses?
How can I contact the placement recruitment team?
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