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Intelligent Mobility Twitter Q&A

In case you missed it, our Intelligent Mobility experts Lee Woodcock and Alex Burrows took part in a live half hour question and answer session on 27 March via our @AtkinsCareersUK Twitter handle. Some great questions were asked on the day and here’s a snapshot of the best bits...

@sebhaire: Will driverless cars become the norm? 

@ltwoodcock: Driverless cars will become the norm, but part of an integrated transport system and an approach to Mobility as a Service 

@Atkins_MattCody: What do you see as the main obstacle to widespread adoption of driverless cars and why? 

The main obstacle is public acceptability, this is a key focus of the UK #driverlesscars trials and our #venturer project 

@John__Bradburn: Do driverless cars threaten PT? Could we end up with more vehicles on the road? Do we need driverless buses instead? 

: #Driverless cars don’t threaten PT but enhance seamless journeys & positive customer experience, key to #intelligentmobility 

@Samanth60804995: What is mobility as a service? 

: Mobility as a Service = giving transport users complete access to transport services that delivers the whole journey (1/2)

(2/2) Mobility as a Service should mean buying mobility like we buy our mobile phone service (eg monthly contract, PAYG)

: How do we get all the different actors across the transport industry to work together to deliver Mobility as a Service? 

: We need to innovate and develop new business models for the transport industry to enable Mobility as a Service 

: Where in the world is pushing #intelligentmobility most? 

: The UK is at the forefront of pushing #intelligentmobility thanks to @innovate_uk and the @Catapult_UK @TSCatapult

: How can local authorities use intelligent mobility?

: Local authorities can use IM to deliver better transport opportunities at lower cost/more efficiency eg using data (1/2) 

(2/2) Local authorities can get better evidence and understanding of demand and how to better manage that demand and supply 

: Why can't there be a national policy for unloading wheelchairs off trains? The guard has to unload chair at the end of line?

: #Intelligentmobility covers all modes and will create access for all through new mobility solutions and services 

: What policy & delivery mechanisms do we need to get #integratedmobility in English countryside, not just big cities? 

: Really important that intelligent mobility is applied to better connect rural, isolated areas to transport opportunities

: Ah @safemyth actually asked a similar question - the split between countyside and cities is going to be key, isn't it? 

: Important to bridge that urban/rural split and focus on connecting people into whole network (1/2)

(2/2) IM should be applied to deliver whole transport system that gets everyone to their destination! 

@ZenBus: Now what are the best contexts (countries/cities/type of networks/...) to bring innovation for transportation as ZenBus?

: At the moment, cities/urban areas provide the greatest opportunity to apply innovative products and services (1/2)

(2/2) But I hope to see these innovations reach out to solve issues like rural isolation from good transport 

: Road congestion costs >2bn/yr in UK. We already know we can’t build our way out of it, how do you fight it right now? 

: IM could be used to warn road users/incentivise them to travel at slightly different time or route using real time info 

: @alexcburrows As always Alex interested in your views and #AtkinsMobility caught my eye. While I support active measures in this area (1/3)

: Would you agree the percentage of ££s spent should be proportional to the number of users who need the facilities (2/3)

: Crudely if the budget is £100 with 100 passengers with 5 with mobility issues should more than £5 be spent on their needs 3/3

: Funding, vital that the whole system works - ££ spent in a city will benefit more people due to pop. density (1/2)

(2/2) With IM, opportunity to be creative (eg use of data, operating model) to deliver mobility for all (crucial)

: What is the role of data in #intelligentmobility? 

: Data has a major role to play in supporting IM eg supporting new products and business models (think @Uber @Airbnb etc) 

: How does the Internet of Things tie in to #intelligentmobility? 

: IoT is critical to enable #intelligentmobility, it will create access to essential data sources and enable new solutions 

: Will in road / above ground traffic sensor technology ultimately become redundant 

: Traditional sensors won’t become redundant, there will be less reliance on them as part of the mix of data sources 

: How can #intelligentmobility help transport systems get more reliability? 

: New technologies/ platforms and we will also learn from other sectors to improve the reliability of transport systems 

: Uniformly shared real-time traffic info-->congestion when mixed with selfish routing. Selfish vs collaborative, your opinion?

: Cracking question - selfish v collaborative! #AtkinsMobility has to be shared to help manage/make the system work best for everyone!

: What's the next big thing we should expect to see/read about #intelligentmobility? 

: The next big thing in #intelligentmobility is our White Paper on Journeys of the Future that launches next week ;) 

  Lee is the technology director for Atkins and has over 20 years’ experience in highways and transportation in the public and private sector, providing advisory, design and operational services. With a background in Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), Lee has specific expertise in the innovative use of technology to enable services and solutions.

Follow Lee on Twitter @ltwoodcock

Alex is a technical director at Atkins specialising in intelligent mobility and transport strategy, with particular interests in transport technology and innovation, transport policy and its interaction with wider policy areas (an area in which he is researching at UCL for his PhD in his spare time). He is the lead author of a major Atkins white paper on ‘Mobility as a Service’ which will be published on 02 April 2015. He has previously held senior innovation and strategy roles at the UK Transport Systems Catapult and Centro.

Follow Alex on Twitter @alexcburrows


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