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Why choose engineering?

The design, engineering and project management industries are exciting sectors to work in. From shaping landmark buildings to looking after the environment or helping people travel around our cities more easily, the variety of work and travel opportunities mean there's never a dull moment in this industry. It's a really a fun place to work!

Our apprenticeship programme could be the perfect start to your career. You'll learn something fascinating every day, study towards a qualification and get paid for it! You'll not only be helping to transform the world around you, but your own future too. Sound good?



5 reasons for choosing engineering:

  • Engineering drives our economy forward and gives you the power to make a difference
  • Engineering is really interesting and allows you to use your creativity every day
  • Engineers are in demand and they earn good money
  • Engineering gives you the chance to work with talented people
  • Engineering has more impact on the world than any other profession

Have you got digital skills?

  • Increasingly engineering relies upon digital skills
  • We need people with these skills to capitalise on the advancements of technology
  • Without engineers who know how to utilise technology, we wouldn't be able to develop driverless cars and in broader terms, the future of transportation
  • That's why we need you, a generation more technology driven - to lead the way and become digital disruptors, for the advancement of technology, engineering and the world

Atkins is working in an ever increasingly digital environment. With digital engineering becoming core to our design environment, we aim to lead in the adoption of new technologies, processes and roles.


Atkins Digital Engineering Vision for 2020


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