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Zara Rostance, Senior Environmental Scientist, Atkins


Senior Environmental Scientist

Business Area: Environmental Consultancy within Infrastructure
Job title: Senior Environmental Scientist
Years at Atkins: 7yrs

How is your work taking transportation / infrastructure etc into tomorrow OR how does your work benefit the end user?

I am currently seconded to the AWPR project which is a new 50km road scheme in Aberdeen. In my current role as the Environmental Coordinator, representing the design joint venture (DJV), I am required to ensure that the environmental design commitments are implemented as envisaged and where changes are required this does not adversely impact the natural environment. The work that I do promotes the use of wildlife bridges, mammal underpasses and a squirrel crossing by ensuring that they are correctly implemented on site.

Through my role on site I can assist with the education of tomorrows engineers via various media such as presentations, toolbox talks and environmental promotional posters. Being part of the continual discussion on environmental importance in engineering projects, I believe, this is key to bringing forward a positive environmental agenda.

It is envisaged that on infrastructure projects where the soft landscaping is varied and environmentally sympathetic this will provide the end user with a positive outcome by providing additional visual interest.

What inspired you to become an environmental scientist?

I have always had a keen interest in nature and a passion for being outdoors.

I care deeply about the preservation of the natural world and feel strongly that whilst infrastructure development, improvement and maintenance is essential, there must be balance between the built and natural environments. Through my academic studies and career, I have developed the knowledge and experience I need to make a difference through influencing, coordinating and pragmatic management of this interface.

I find my career fascinating and very satisfying.

What social, society or CSR activities have you been involved with at Atkins?

To date I have been involved in STEM events with Atkins which is a very rewarding experience. Talking to young people about opportunities there are in engineering regarding the environment can open their understanding on where a career in engineering can lead.

You don’t have to be an engineer to work in engineering!

In addition to the above I am currently involved in the Atkins Global Challenge. The team are based on the AWPR project working across the scheme under the name Take the High Road. Atkins promotion of staff health and wellbeing shows that they care about their staff. Through encouraging team work and light hearted competition the Global Challenge provides staff participating with both positive physical and mental achievement.

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